New to this

I've never had a blog before, and the little experience i have had with journaling has not been that great. But then again i have always been forced into it, never really given a choice. So i guess we will see were this goes. 


When i started reading i almost exclusively only read dystopian books. The hunger games was the first book i truly fell in love with and since then books have been a huge part of my life. Recently I've started trying books from other genres, while still keeping in the YA community. My first try at a contemporary was horrible, i hated it and it took me awhile to try  it again. The second time around was a lot better, but i am still more of an adventure book gal. But i can now appreciate and have fun reading other things. Fantasy and sci fi are a lot easier for me to get into. I have recently become completely obsessed with the Throne of Glass series and am super excited that its going to be 6 books! 


I'm happy with how much i have been able to read as of late, and hope that i will always have the time to read because it really helps me with relaxing and taking will needed time for myself. I love being absorbed into a world and falling in love with the characters.


Well i guess i will see were this whole blog thing takes me.